NeverStrip Micron™ Coating Category

Stop Stripping Wax with NeverStrip Micron Coatings.  These Micron coatings are in a unique coating category.  Accordingly, the coatings lower the cost of floor ownership.  Therefore,  Micron-thin, coating technology provides many business benefits.   Such as, lower costs, improved traction and less interference to the facilities operations.  Suitable flooring includes VCT, LVT, Linoleum, Rubber, Ceramic, Porcelain, Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete.

Micron Primer™ and Vinyl Seal™ are well suited for grocery stores, senior facilities and demanding commercial facilities.  Quick dry times and easy refreshing make them good fits.

Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete™

Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal provides a less expensive way to polish hard surfaces.  So, compared to conventional polishing, this process requires less time and tooling.   Consequently, the facility can stop waxing floors.

Tile and Grout Restoration™

Deep Clean™ and Grout Prep™ prepare the floor for the Micron coatings. Color Sealer™ seals the grout. Tile Seal™ seals the grout and tile. Therefore, the facility can stop waxing floors.

Resilient Flooring™

Stop stripping and stop waxing floors using the Micron System for Resilient Flooring. The NeverStrip products include Micron Primer™, Vinyl Seal™, Micron Clean™ and Micron Restore™.

Vinyl Seal is available in a satin sheen.  Burnishing enhances the shine.
Thereby, producing a shine similar to a burnished wax floor.  Higher sheens are possible with propane burnishing machines. Floors can be used  15 minutes after application.  Benefits include: 50% less coats; 50% less burnishing; 50% less scrub and re coats.  And, the facility can stop waxing floors.

Liquid Grip™ A High Traction System™

Liquid Grip provides a high, wet co efficient of friction measured by a BOT 3000E Slip Meter.  Wet slip measurements exceed 0.60. Liquid Grip comes in two quart bottles (Step One and Step Two).

Use Liquid Grip on  resilient or hard surface flooring.  Therefore,  when  more traction is the goal, Liquid Grip is a good choice.


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