Banish the Burnishing
Stop the Stripping
Eliminate the Wasteful Waxing

If the idea of an easier cleaning floor finish system that has floors looking better longer for way less wasted effort interests you…If you want your facility to save a lot of floor care labor…If you want to be a Green Hero…Then this site is for you.
Let’s build a “Wax Elimination Plan” together.
Outlast “WAX” by 2 to 5 years Which of the above systems do you feel may require less labor, materials, water and electricity usage? Which system would you suspect produces better results for your facility? The NeverStrip system is a family of ultra-durable coatings that outlast and outwear any of the outdated “wax” systems by 2 to 5 years.Savings on top of Savings Since Floor care costs are generally 80% labor and the coatings sold by NeverStrip typically reduces floor care labor by 50 – 70%, and some conventional “Wax” floor care procedures are even eliminated entirely, you can end up with reductions in floor care costs by 30%, 50%, or even 70%.

Not only do you get these huge labor savings, but you stop a lot of other expensive waste too. The reduction in the maintenance consumables and waste yielded by the vastly simplified cleaning regimen of these coatings over the coating duty-cycle is enormous.

Using NeverStrip coatings on your floors requires less electricity (no burnishing and scrub and recoating); less water and hot water (no stripping), less packaging (one coat versus 10 or more per year) and generates less air pollution (typically a huge reduction in VOCs) and less of that pervasive dust created by burnishing.

Green at Application – Hugely Green to Maintain These coatings also meet the US Green Building Council standards to qualify for their LEED programs, specif ically EQ 4.2, and LEED for Schools. The LEED standard is specified as the Green Seal Standard which uses the California South Coast Air Quality Management Board standard of less than 50 grams per liter; the most stringent standard in common use.

But the bigger Green picture is the combined indoor environmental impact and the waste-stream reductions that the whole simplified installation and cleaning system produces compared to “Wax” over the 3 to 5 year duty-cycle.

And this is a never strip perpetual coating system that only requires a recoat at the end of the duty cycle to refresh it for the next duty cycle.
Let’s Create You Wax Elimination Plan Now

  1. 1. Install Appropriate pilot program
  2. 2. Conduct Facility-wide Audit
  3. 3. Construct Economic and Sustainability Business Cases
  4. 4. Implement the Resulting Plan

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