Coatings: Thin Film

Sometimes you will prefer a floor surface that has a clean bright look, yet more muted than a high-gloss finish. Then the Satin finish is right there for you. Yet again, this is a never burnish and never strip finish that will maintain its initial appearance for years. Same simple cleaning regimen as the Gloss above. Achieves gloss readings around 50 at 60º angle.

NeverStrip High Solids Urethane™ is a two component, chemical resistant, ultra high solids aliphatic polyurethane coating. It is a low VOC, compliant urethane that meets all federal and state environmental air quality standards. The high gloss or satin finish offers excellent abrasion resistance, chemical and stain resistance. It can be used on vertical or horizontal surfaces. It is ideal for concrete floors and walls in warehouses, storage facilities, aircraft hangars, animal housing, restrooms, vehicle maintenance facilities, and other applications.

When you have a surface that you want essentially no gloss on, but you still want all the other advantages like ease-of-cleaning, durability, and floor material protection that extends the life of that floor, then there is our Matte finish. Withstands your traffic like crazy, and provides the no glare finish that is sometimes called for or desirable. Registers around a 20 gloss reading at 60º angle.

It’s not just the gloss, but the fact that the gloss is there day after day after day for from one to three years (and even well beyond sometimes – typically two to five years), without ever burnishing, without ever scrubbing and re-coating, without ever stripping. The coating requires only regular dust mopping, regular damp microfiber mopping, and will benefit from an occasional autoscrub. Achieves gloss readings of up to 85 at 60º angle.

NeverStrip Concrete Stain™ (WaterBased) is based on an advanced micro technology. These stains are easy to use, penetrating, quick drying, non-acidic, low to no odor . These stains provide vibrant to earth based color choices. These water based stains offer an attractive and desired mottled appearance. They are available in 18 different stain colors, which can be used alone or combined to create literally hundreds of appearances.

NeverStrip Concrete Stain™ (WaterBased) can provide years and years of like new appearance in demanding commercial environments by being protected with NeverStrip’s clear, high-performing coatings and primers, including: High Solids Urethane (Gloss or Satin), Extreme Performance, Off-Gassing Primer, Gloss, Satin, Matte water-based urethane coatings, and NeverStrip’s Micron based Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal.

Available in 76 standard colors — that can all also be treated with imbedded colored flakes for endless custom floor transformations — your imagination and designers have virtually no limits. Just imagine how a 2 or more color design could transform an old tired floor. Great for creating designs in school or company colors, logos, etc. Typically color applications include a clear top coat in the gloss of your choice. This ensures real simplicity in the re-coat process at the end of duty cycles, as only the clear coat is rejuvenated. The color systems are used to completely rejuvenate and re-color worn synthetic sports floors, VAT encapsulation projects, and any floor calling for a cost-effective transformation that will last into perpetuity at the highest levels of sustainability.