Coatings: High Build

NeverStrip Urethane Cement™Systems are designed for harsh environments, where chemical, thermal shock, harsh abrasion and impacts resistance are required. NeverStrip Urethan Cement coatings are some of the toughest urethane-based concrete flooring products on the market.

NeverStrip Urethane Cement coatings have surpassed traditional epoxy flooring solutions, which had been used for many years, where thermal shock and chemical deterioration of the floor are concerns. The reasonable cost, the rapid in-use times, high traction, easy of cleaning, seamless with vertical cove base and the general all around high-performance characteristics, including thermal shock and high chemical resistance properties, make these Systems the ideal solution for commercial kitchens, food and beverage facilities, chemical processing plants, and anywhere traditional epoxy flooring may fail.

The NeverStrip Urethane Cement Systems are engineered to be crack resistant. Therefore, it is one of the most hygienic flooring solutions available. Food and beverage facilities and commercial kitchens are moist environments with organic materials. Cracks in floor coatings offer a safe haven for bacteria and other microorganisms. Cracks also offer a passage for chemicals and water to reach the substrate, which may lead to the deterioration of the substate.

NeverStrip offers Urethane Cement Systems in three variations to specifically fit project needs:

NeverStrip Urethane Cement SL-1/16″ (Self-Leveling)

NeverStrip Urethane Cement SL-1/8″ (Self-Leveling)

NeverStrip Urethane Cement TG-1/4″ (Trowel Grade)

Each system provides a seamless floor to take the punishment of the harshest food and beverage, and industrial environments. The ability to add color and/or texture with 30-mesh sand or decorative quartz is common to all versions. The two SL systems are Self Leveling. The TG version is thicker and is applied with a trowel.

The 1/16″ and 1/8″ SL Systems, respectively, can withstand up to 95% relative humidity in the concrete slab. The 1/4″ TG system is good for 100% relative humidity in the concrete slab.

NeverStrip Flexible Epoxy™ is a 100% solids, flexible epoxy used as a crack isolation and waterproofing membrane for interior use underthe NeverStrip Floor Coating Systems. NeverStrip Flexible Epoxy resists cracking caused by horizontal substrate movement, providing a crack resistant, resilient, sound absorbent, waterproof, durable floor. When used in conjunction with NeverStrip Floor Coating Systems, NeverStrip Flexible Epoxy offers stress-relieving properties for floor slabs that show movement or vibration. NeverStrip Flexible Epoxy is also used to treat individual cracks and buried contraction joints (sawcuts).

NeverStrip Extreme Performance™ is a high performance, rapid dry, Polyaspartic floor coating with outstanding performance properties.  This coating is an outstanding choice with many Systems including: Broadcast Quartz; Broadcast Flakes; applications requiring hot tire resistance and many more.  The in-use time is measured in hours for many applications.  Corresponding to the rapid in-use time, the working time or pot life of the coating is very short.  NeverStrip’s recommendation is to only mix product, which can be applied in 10 minutes after mixing.

NeverStrip Epoxy 100 Color™ is a 100% solids, pigmented epoxy floor coating designed to provide high gloss, chemical resistant protection in multiple color choices. NeverStrip Epoxy 100 Color™ should be used wherever a high build, protective floor coating is required.

NeverStrip Cove Base Paste™ is a multi purpose paste consistency epoxy binder used for various Cove Base Systems, and as a general purpose spackle or filler compound. This all purpose epoxy resin has excellent thixotropic properties compared to other epoxy formulations, making it ideal for use on vertical surfaces. It isessentially odorless and can therefore be used in occupied areas.

NeverStrip Chemical Resistant Epoxy™ is a 100% solids epoxy and modified novolac epoxy floor coating designed to provide high chemical resistant protection. NeverStrip Chemical Resistant Epoxy™ should be used wherever a high build, acid and alkali resistant, protective floor coating is required.

Sand is an aggregate with similarities to quartz but with a single color and a lower cost.