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Disinfectant, Fungicidal, Virucidal, Sanitizer for ALL Surfaces As defined by OSHA’s Hazardous Communications Standard, this product is non-hazardous in use.
EPA Registration #: 84198-93427-1
*Enviro-Pro has met the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2,
The novel coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19* Highly Concentrated! Simple & Safe to Use!

NeverStrip Dorado 3032™ is for use in the removal of industrial grade coatings such as Adsil, siloxanes, urethanes, and epoxies, along with heavy carbon buildup that has accumulated over many years of exposure to industrial and other pollutants. The application of NeverStrip Dorado 3032 is followed by a neutralization and final cleaning application with a neutral cleaner. Proper use of this system will result in a self neutralizing cleaning project. Unlike most competitive systems, NeverStrip Dorado 3032 can be applied by low pressure spray equipment and should result in a lower cost per square foot cleaning expense.

NeverStrip Coatings Remover is used to strip Sani-Glaze top coat from ceramic and porcelain surfaces.

Micron Restore

Micron Restore™ is a cleaner-restorer specifically designed to work with NeverStrip Tile Seal™, Vinyl Seal™ and Terrazzo and Stone Seal™ micron coatings. Micron Restore will clean and renew the luster of NeverStrip’s micron coatings to maximize the coatings’ value and long-term benefits. The proprietary formula actually cleans and then These building blocks enhance the coated surface condition; improve burnishing effectiveness and decrease recoating frequency.

Micron Restore works best if used once every 20-30 cleanings with an autoscrubber. The product is most effective in conjunction with NeverStrip Micron Clean™ used for daily auto scrubbing. Floors cleaned with NeverStrip Micron Clean and periodically with NeverStrip Micron Restore will stay cleaner, clearer, longer.

Micron Clean

NeverStrip Micron Clean™ is a  concentrated (1:128) cleaner formulated for environmentally responsible daily cleaning of the NeverStrip Micron coatings (Vinyl Seal™, Tile Seal™, Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal™ and Liquid Grip™). This unique and powerful cleaner is strong enough for general purpose use in floor care and tough enough to remove the most challenging stains and soiling. The powerful cleaning characteristics will keep your NeverStrip coated surfaces clean and new looking…now that’s easy!

NeverStrip Grout Prep™ is a low pH organic sodium solution that safely restores groutto like-newcondition without etching tile surfaces. This unique high performance product will open grout pores, reduce highspots and create an ideal surface for applicationof NeverStrip Color Sealer.

NeverStrip Deep Clean™ is a high alkaline cleaner. It is specifically formulated to deep clean tile and grout floors. Deep Clean is a proven, highest performing cleaner able to tackle North America’s grimiest restroom floors.