Aggregates & Additives

Vinyl Flakes offer endless color combinations, many colors and sizes ranging from 1/32nd of an inch to one inch. Vinyl Flakes can be used with NeverStrip’s Thin Film and High Build coatings. Vinyl Flakes are broadcasted onto the coatings to the desired amount, which can range from a light distribution to a full broadcast to rejection.

Fine (60 to 100 mesh) and Medium (40 to 60 mesh) sized, polycarbonate aggregate used with any NeverStrip Thin Film and High Build coatings to enhance traction in wetter environments. Typically mixed into the coating prior to the application. The quantity of aggregate can vary greatly but 6 fluid ounces to 16 fluid ounces per gallon of coating is typical. Resin Grip suspends well in the coating and does not lower the gloss.

NeverStrip blended quartz aggregate in conjunction with NeverStrip High Build™ coatings can provide a highly attractive, decorative floor with traction and superb durability. Quartz is broadcasted onto NeverStrip’s High Build Coatings only. Typically, Quartz is broadcasted to rejection.

Grip Aggregate is white aluminum oxide. NeverStrip provides it in 6 different mesh sizes; 80, 120, 180, 240, 320, and 500. Grip Aggregates are used with NeverStrip”s Thin Film coatings. Do not use with NeverStrip Micron or High Build coatings. Aluminum Oxide Aggregates can enhance traction in wetter conditions and will increase the coating”s abrasion resistance.

Sand is an aggregate with similarities to quartz but with a single color and a lower cost.

improve traction on wet floors

NeverStrip Liquid Grip™ represents the most advanced technology available on the market today in non-slip floor coatings. Liquid Grip is an entirely GREEN, water-based coating, which dries clear and creates an anti-skid finish.

Liquid Grip creates a lasting bond with practically any surface and reduces the need for waxing, buffing and other costly maintenance procedures.