NeverStrip No Wax Floor Care NeverStrip No Burnish Floor Care NeverStrip No Strip Floor Care

NeverStrip Thin Film Systems offer No Wax Floor Care without burnishing or stripping.

NeverStrip Thin Film Systems are typically single coat or have a primer coat followed by a thin, clear, non-yellowing topcoat, such as:

NeverStrip Gloss™, NeverStrip Satin™, NeverStrip Matte™and NeverStrip Color™are two-part, aliphatic water-based urethane coatings/  These products all provide No Wax Floor Care, No Burnish Floor Care and and No Strip Floor Care

NeverStrip High Solids Urethane™93% solids, moisture cured urethane is a “best in class” No Wax Floor Care product for the most demanding commercial and industrial applications.

NeverStrip Extreme Performance™ is a polyaspartic coating.   It is not only a No Wax Floor Care product but has an in-use time of two hours and performance characteristics similar to NeverStrip’s highest performing High Solids Urethane.  Extreme Performance is designed for concrete and epoxy based applications.

NeverStrip Thin Film systems often incorporate a primer, color, concrete stain and/or broadcast vinyl flake. These systems are applied to a wide range of hard surface and resilient flooring including concrete, ceramic, porcelain, VCT and LVT.

Don’t mistake “thin with not great. NeverStrip’s Thin Film Systems are durable, long lasting and are some of NeverStrip’s highest performing.  These products and systems result in No Wax Floor Care, No Burnish Floor Care and No Strip Floor Care.  Often time wearing for years and years without a new application.

The Best applications for NeverStrip Thin Film Systems include:

-Specialty Retail- Schools (Classrooms, Hallways, Cafeterias, Gyms, Multi-Purpose Rooms, Lobbies)

– Restrooms (Tile and Grout with Ceramic Bond for adhesion to ceramic and porcelain)

NeverStrip Single Coat Thin Film System

A single coat system is most common with applications on resilient, tile and grout floors. Single coat systems are typically urethanes. The flooring surfaces are not porous. Most single coat systems are clear coatings including NeverStrip Gloss, NeverStrip Satin, NeverStrip Matte.

VCT, LVT, sheet vinyl, ceramic and porcelain are typical flooring surfaces for a single coat thin film system.  Blogs with more detail are available at

NeverStrip Multi-Coat Thin Film Systems

A thin film multi-coat system is typically used when two or more different coatings (with varied characteristics) are used to achieve the desired appearance and performance requirements. There are endless combination of NeverStrip coatings with colors, sheens, in-use time, stain, textures, durability and traction.

Common, two or three coat systems are NeverStrip Epoxy Primer™or Off Gassing Primer™ with a NeverStrip urethane topcoat, such as NeverStrip Gloss, Satin or Matte or High Solids Urethane, respectively.

The Primer is to hide the floor with outstanding adhesion. The Body Coat is to provide the desired color or to add flakes. The topcoat delivers the sought after sheen, length of service, traction, cleanability and stain, abrasion, scratch resistance.

Which multi-coat system to choose is a function of many variables. NeverStrip Floor Coatings Authorized Dealer is ready to work through options with customers, architects and designers to select the “best” choice.

NeverStrip Concrete Stain Thin Film System

Concrete stain floors are popular. Concrete stain walk-off is not! NeverStrip clear topcoats typically prevent concrete stain walk-off.


NeverStrip water-based stains provide a “modeled” look, with varied appearance. The weather-based stains often have 2 stain colors providing more complexity, accents and one-of-a-kind design.

A NeverStrip stain system does not stop with the stain. A system always has a clear, durable, non-yellowing topcoat to deliver concrete stain performance second to none in the marketplace.

NeverStrip topcoat choices are extensive. NeverStrip does not offer acrylic topcoats, which wear away and often result in concrete stain walk-off.  The choice of concrete stain colors available are at

These stain systems can be applied anywhere concrete floors exist. It is common to see NeverStrip Concrete Stain Thin Film System in specialty retail and restaurants. The NeverStrip Micron and Instant Film products allow these systems to be used even in 24/7 environments.

NeverStrip Metallic Thin Film System

A NeverStrip Metallic System is the most artistic, one-of-a-kind resinous flooring system available in the marketplace. This system allows for unparalleled creativity and uniqueness, while not compromising performance.

There are no inherent limitations where these systems can be used but typically they will be installed where a sense of uniqueness and flare are desired. Restaurants and specialty retail are popular locations for metallic solutions.

These systems are multi-layered as follows:

– NeverStrip Extreme Performance Topcoat
– NeverStrip Epoxy 100 Clear with desired Metallic coats
– NeverStrip Epoxy Primer or Concrete Primer 100 in black

NeverStrip Tile and Grout Thin Film System

NeverStrip Tile and Grout Thin Film System has been proved in hundreds, if not thousands of applications for the past 8+ years. It is an ultimate tile and grout restoration solution providing wall-to-wall protective barrier against urine, harsh cleaners and soil.

Schools, office buildings, factories, recreational centers and restaurants have installations in place with superb results and satisfaction.

This solution incorporates the NeverStrip family of cleaners, grout color sealers, water-based urethanes and Ceramic Bond. Sheens can range from a High Gloss west look to Satin to Matt (no sheen). NeverStrip Gip and Resin Grip can be incorporated to enhance traction.