Micron Sealers deliver 21st Century floor care. See for Yourself! Click read more to see before and after pictures!

Restore Faded, Dull Previously Polished Concrete Dull, worn out previously polished concrete is everywhere. Restoration & Maintenance opportunities are endless. Contractors do not need to be in the concrete polishing business. Contractors do not need special equipment, knowledge or expertise. Restoration and maintenance is easy, competitive and profitable with NeverStrip 21st Century Micron Technology & Products.

Disinfectants and Floor Sealers in a Covid-19 World Covid-19 is demanding more disinfection, including flooring disinfection. Flooring Sealers need to be more resistant to disinfectants than ever before. NeverStrip recently tested its Micron Sealers and two leading, national brands of floor finish/wax against 12 common commercial disinfectants.

Terrazzo and Concrete Polishing Achieve Outstanding Polished Hard Surface Results with NeverStrip Micron Sealers using Standard 175 rpm Floor Machine and Electric Burnisher Benefits Lower cost than polishing alternatives. No need for $20,000+ planetary grinder with vacuum system. Achieve quality shine with std. 175 rpm buffer & burnisher. Multi-year durability is common. Outstanding stain and etch protection of the substrate. Easy to clean; Easy to maintain; Easy to refresh. Same System for terrazzo, concrete and natural stone.

Floor Finish and Disinfection Disinfecting floors has been a standard practice for only a small percentage of flooring, mostly in health care, such as: surgery, emergency and patient rooms. COVID-19 is establishing a "New Normal, where all commercial and institutional floors will be not only cleaned but also disinfected .

Hard Surface Polishing Conventional hard surface polishing of natural stone, terrazzo and concrete, with or without acrylic guard products, has been a standard floor care maintenance approach at commercial facilities. These systems employ a broad range of diamonds, machines, pastes, etc. and deliver a diverse, wide range of results. NeverStrip Micron Hard Surface Floor Care combines a 21st century sealer technology with less hard surface polishing effort, time and cost. Resulting in many benefits to the facility owner as follows...

COVID-19 NeverStrip Floor Coatings has customers in almost every State and several Provinces. The virus has totally shut down some areas. However, customers in other regions are still performing floor care work on a limited basis. NeverStrip is operating with a skeleton crew, while observing proper social distancing and other precautions. It can take a bit longer to get product out the door and plan on a slower delivery process.

Restoring Damaged Porcelain Restoring a Porcelain Floor's Appearance Damaged by Improper Removal of Epoxy Grout Haze with NeverStrip Tile Seal Emerald Floor Care was asked by a high-end, Destin, Florida resort to undo the damaged appearance resulting from a tile installer's inappropriate use of a strong acid to remove epoxy grout haze from newly installed porcelain tile. Tim Haugland, President, Emerald Floor Care, turned to NeverStrip Tile Seal to restore the porcelain's appearance to a like new condition. Tim said, "the customer was "astonished" with the result and "appreciative" of avoiding the need to replace the floor."

Restoring Tile & Grout with Sani Glaze Remove SaniGLAZE from a Tile & Grout Floor and restore the floor with NeverStrip Tile & Grout Restoration System with Tile Seal The exclusive San Diego Santaluz Club, turned to DFS Flooring for a solution to the difficult to remove, degraded SaniGLAZE products from its tile and grout flooring. DFS Flooring delivered a solution using NeverStrip Coatings' Remover, which easily, quickly stripped the SaniGLAZE products from the floor. DFS Flooring restored the tile and grout flooring to a "better than new" appearance with the NeverStrip Tile & Grout Restoration System with Tile Seal.

Protect Polished Concrete From Staining and Etching with NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal The Achilles' Heel of polished concrete is Vinegar, Lemon Juice, etc., when spilled onto cement-based flooring in grocery stores, cafeterias, restaurant floors, etc. Check out the superior, 24 hour, stain and etching resistance of NeverStrip's Micron Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal on cement based flooring.