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Are your floors truly the most overlooked aspect of greening your campus?

The tremendously green aspects of the NeverStrip System are nowhere more understood and valued than at Universities nationwide. How aware are you about this hugely green and money-saving floor care revolution.

Are you a K – 12 School are struggling financially? How would it sound if you never had all those summer stripping activities to do ever again? How differently would you schedule you summer activities, and re-direct your summer labor pool?

Conventional “Wax” Floor System NeverStrip Ultra-durable System
Apply 6, yes SIX coats of “wax” on day one Apply 1, yes ONE, coat of Neverstrip
Burnish the “wax” once a day/week/month Nope – No burnishing
Scrub and recoat with one coat of “wax” once a month/quarter Nope – No scrub and recoating
Clean the floor as needed Clean the floor as needed
Strip all the “wax” build-up and start the endless cycle all over once or twice a year Nope – Never any stripping
Enjoy the shine for 2, 3, 4, or 5 years and
then recoat right over the top