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In a Down Economy, You Can’t Afford to Lose a Single Customer can you?

And less than perfect restrooms can silently turn customers off, and you never see them again. They won’t say anything, will they? They just disappear. Let’s help solve that together. Please go back to the “Rescuing Restrooms” page and imagine what a perpetually brilliant restroom could do for your business…

If you are managing a retail store or chain, let’s talk about how a move to simple daylight cleaning can transform not just the looks of your floors, but reap a lot of savings in both money and sustainability.

Conventional “Wax” Floor System NeverStrip Ultra-durable System
Apply 6, yes SIX coats of “wax” on day one Apply 1, yes ONE, coat of Neverstrip
Burnish the “wax” once a day/week/month Nope – No burnishing
Scrub and recoat with one coat of “wax” once a month/quarter Nope – No scrub and recoating
Clean the floor as needed Clean the floor as needed
Strip all the “wax” build-up and start the endless cycle all over once or twice a year Nope – Never any stripping
Enjoy the shine for 2, 3, 4, or 5 years and
then recoat right over the top