Public Buildings

Public Buildings
Airports, Museums, Government — Can You Say “Billions”

Billions of feet that is. Airports are proving the durability and appearance of the coatings in the most demanding of commercial environments. High-traffic needs are being met by handling the trampling of millions of feet on rapid transit cars in a major city. Grip additives can resolve Slip & Fall issues for so many of you.

For those of you managing the massive swathes of government buildings how are you dealing with sustainability mandates? Well, now you have a very interesting and complete answer for your hard floors.

Easily beating all of the most stringent specifications as laid out by the USGBC and their LEED programs, including their GreenSeal specification, you can be Green at application, and hugely Greener on an ongoing basis because of the simplified and less polluting and less wasteful long recoat cycles of the NeverStrip coatings.


Conventional “Wax” Floor System NeverStrip Ultra-durable System
Apply 6, yes SIX coats of “wax” on day one Apply 1, yes ONE, coat of Neverstrip
Burnish the “wax” once a day/week/month Nope – No burnishing
Scrub and recoat with one coat of “wax” once a month/quarter Nope – No scrub and recoating
Clean the floor as needed Clean the floor as needed
Strip all the “wax” build-up and start the endless cycle all over once or twice a year Nope – Never any stripping
Enjoy the shine for 2, 3, 4, or 5 years and
then recoat right over the top