Maintaining commercial floors is addressed with NeverStrip’s product?  The NeverStrip line-up of products can be used in residential settings or commercial facilities.  The products will save the facility money , protect the flooring from abuse and look great of a long time.  NeverStrip has learned, Old floors look New.  New floors never look Old.

About NeverStrip

NeverStrip has five categories of Exceptional High Performance Floor Coatings.  These products are used on all types of flooring found in residential homes and commercial facilities.  Flooring includes: VCT, LVT or luxury vinyl tile, linoleum, rubber, ceramic, porcelain, quarry tile, natural stone, terrazzo, wood, concrete and cement-based overlays. The NeverStrip products are being used in  commercial facilities such as: hospitals, schools, airports, kidney dialysis, blood plasma, convention centers, retail stores and restaurants.

NeverStrip Micron™ – maintaining commercial floors

The Micron category is NeverStrip’s fastest growing.  NeverStrip Tile Seal™addresses the question, how to maintain ceramic or how to maintain porcelain.  NeverStrip Tile Seal is applied to ceramic,  porcelain, quarry tile and brick.  It is applied at 5,000 sq. feet per gallon per coat.  It is applied with a microfiber pad.  It is easy to apply and can be done with one person.  Typically, 2 or maybe 3 applications are desired.  Tile Seal dries in minutes.  It has no odor.  It performs well in commercial and residential settings.

Products within the Micron category include:

NeverStrip Tile Seal™ for ceramic, porcelain, quarry tile and brick floors

NeverStrip Vinyl Seal™ for resilient flooring including VCT, LVT, linoleum and rubber.  NeverStrip Micron Primer™ is used below Vinyl Seal on VCT or vinyl composition tile.  Vinyl Seal and Micron Primer can be burnished.  Typically, this System requires 50+% less scrub and redcoats and burnishing than wax.  Stripping is eliminated.

NeverStrip Vinyl Seal is an outstanding choice for LVT or luxury vinyl tile.  It is applied at 5,000 sq. feet per gallon.  Two applications is typical.  Vinyl Seal has an attractive Satin finish without burnishing.  Vinyl Seal protects the LVT with or without a factory-applied urethane coating.  A Texas community college applied Vinyl Seal 36 months ago on 36,000 sq. feet of new Centiva LVT.  The product is spot mopped during the week as needed

NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal™ is for all natural stones, terrazzo (epoxy or cement-based) and concrete.  NeverStrip Densi-Prme™ is applied as a primer on concrete.  Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal is typically burnished with NeverStrip Shine Diamond Encrusted pad to achieve the highest shine.  This system is highly and easily refreshed.

NeverStrip Thin Film™ – maintaining commercial floors

This category was NeverStrip founding category.  NeverStrip Gloss™ addresses the question, how to maintain VCT, particularly in schools..  NeverStrip Gloss replaces wax or acrylic floor finish.  NeverStrip Gloss does not require waxing, scrub and redcoats, burnishing or stripping.  NeverStrip Thin Film coatings can save facilities lots of money by reducing the labor required to install and maintain the floors.  NeverStrip Gloss has a high shine (90s) and retain the shine without burnishing. It is typical for the product to go for 5 years in a busy school without a re coat.

The Thin Fim category is made up of various urethane coatings.  These include:

NeverStrip Gloss™ typically used on VCT and sheet vinyl

NeverStrip Satin™ often used on LVT, where it provides an attractive middle of the road shine level.

NeverStrip Matte™ largely used on LVT, where it offers a flat sheen.

NeverStrip High Solids Urethane™ normally used as a topcoat on multiple coat systems

Lower Floor Care Maintenance Costs for VCT, LVT and Sheet Vinyl with NeverStrip Gloss™

NeverStrip Tile and Grout Restoration™ – maintaining commercial floors

NeverStrip tile and grout restoration makes old tile floors look new.  All in one night!  NeverStrip Tile Seal™ combined with NeverStrip Color Sealer restores old, dingy, worn out floors.  Old Floors Look New, New Floors Never Look Old.  Often, the NeverStrip Tile and Grout Restoration System is used on restroom floors  but the System is also used in lobbies, locker rooms, cafeterias,  and shower floors.  Products include:

NeverStrip Deep Clean™

NeverStrip Grout Prep™

NeverStrip Color Release™

NeverStrip Color Sealer™

NeverStrip Tile Seal™

NeverStrip Gloss with Ceramic Bond™

NeverStrip Tile Seal™ on Ceramic and Porcelain Pool Decks for Easier Cleaning and Improved Anti-Slip Properties

NeverStrip High Build – maintaining commercial floors

The NeverStrip High Build category is comprised of many products, which typically are used in combination to create a system with 20 or more mils of dry thickness.  Products include:

NeverStrip Off Gassing Primer™

NeverStrip Concrete Primer 100™

NeverStrip Epoxy Primer™

NeverStrip Epoxy 100 Clear™

NeverStrip Epoxy 100 Color™

NeverStrip Extreme Performance™

NeverStrip Urethane Cement™

High Build Systems are a great way to maintain commercial floors, especially concrete or cement-based overlays.  These higher-build systems are often more shock resistant.  Often, aggregates such as sand or decorative quartz or vinyl flakes are used, which can add traction.  High build systems can be decorative or functional in appearance.  Certain systems, such as urethane cement are super durable and highly resistant to water, chemicals and staining.  These can be some of the most durable systems available.

NeverStrip Instant Film – maintaining commercial floors

The NeverStrip Instant Film category has products, which fully cure with 2 seconds of UV light exposure.  These coatings are typically 1-2 mils thick after curing.  The most popular NeverStrip UV product is NeverStrip UV Resilient Semi-Gloss™ for LVT or luxury vinyl flooring.  This product has an attractive shine but not too high.  It is applied at about 1,000 sq. feet per gallon.  It does have an odor and requires management of the space.  The most popular place for this product is a hospital.  The product is highly resistant to alcohol hand sanitizers, beta dyne and disinfectants, such as Ecolab’s Oxycide.

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