Q: How do the Micron Coatings provide less expensive floor care for commercial floors

A: Less expensive floor care is achievable by reducing labor by as much as 50% or more.  Labor is reduced by less coats, less scrub and redcoats, less burnishing and the elimination of stripping.

Q: What are NeverStrip Micron Coatings™?

A: NeverStrip Micron Coatings are Nano-based, not made from petroleum; not an epoxy, or urethane, or acrylic, or an impregnator but rather a film forming, micron-thin coating category all its own.

Q: What are the NeverStrip Micron Coating Products?

A: NeverStrip Liquid Grip; NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal; NeverStrip Tile Seal; NeverStrip Vinyl Seal™ all provide for less expensive floor care

Q: What Surfaces are Applicable for Liquid Grip?

A: Essentially resilient or non-resilient flooring surface other than plastic including: vinyl, rubber, ceramic, porcelain, concrete, natural stone and terrazzo.

Q: What are Common Applications for NeverStrip Micron Coatings?

A: Neverstrip Vinyl Seal Systems for demanding grocery and retail stores on VCT and LVT.  Vinyl Seal offers a better appearance and lower maintenance costs for commercial floors in many industries including schools, retail, airports and health care.

A: NeverStrip Tile Seal System for commercial and residential restrooms and bathrooms, respectively.

A: NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal for natural stone, terrazzo and concrete in schools, lobbies of commercial buildings, hospitals, airports, etc. etc.

A: NeverStrip Liquid Grip on virtually any surface where  a higher wet traction is desired including: showers, ramps, locker rooms and lobbies of buildings.

Q: Why is Vinyl Seal a Better Fit for Grocery Stores than Wax?

A: Vinyl Seal is an outstanding alternative to floor finish or wax for grocery stores.  Why? 1) The product dries in 5-10 minutes and typically only requires 3-4 applications versus wax which takes 30-45 minutes and typically has 8 coats.  2) Vinyl Seal typically has 67% less scrub and redcoats; burnishing and 100% less stripping than wax and 3) Vinyl Seal reduces floor care maintenance costs compared to wax by typically  more than 30%.  It provides less expensive floor care.

Q: What are the Best Applications for Tile Seal?

A: Tile Seal is an outstanding choice on porcelain, ceramic, quarry tile and brick.  Tile Seal is used on these surfaces within commercial and residential settings for restrooms, shower floors, locker rooms and lobbies.  Tile Seal typically dries for use within 10 minutes and provides an attractive, natural satin finish.  Tile Seal is easy to apply and has essentially no odor.  Tile Seal has outstanding traction.

Q: Where can I learn more about NeverStrip Floor Coatings?

A: Go to: http://www.neverstrip.com/home/exceptional-floor-coatings/

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