The following are Answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding the NeverStrip Products, Systems and Categories of exceptional floor coatings.  These technologically advanced floor coatings reduce floor maintenance costs; improve appearance and lower operational interference.  For more detailed information go to   Category Tab on NeverStrip’s Home Page, as follows:

Especially compared to the use of conventional floor finish or wax, NeverStrip products and systems reduce floor maintenance costs by greatly decreasing scrub and re coats, burnishing and by totally eliminating the need for ongoing stripping of wax.

The NeverStrip  technologically advanced coatings come in five Categories: Micron, Thin Film, Tile and Grout, High Build and Instant Film.  The products can be used on virtually any resilient or non-resilient hard surface floor within homes, commercial and industrial facilities.  These floors include: VCT, VAT, LVT, Linoleum, Sheet Vinyl, Ceramic, Porcelain, Terrazzo, Natural Stone and Concrete.

The NeverStrip exceptional floor coatings eliminate the use of floor finish or wax within demanding commercial environments, such as schools, hospitals, long-term care facilities, grocery stores, specialty retail, big box retail, airports, kidney dialysis, convention centers, day care centers, corporate office buildings, locker rooms, gymnasiums, cafeterias, labs and multi-purpose rooms.

Facilities reduce floor maintenance activity and costs by eliminating the need to strip their floors.  Facilities stop the constant scrub and re coats required by wax and reduce the operational interference associated with these activities.  Facilities eliminate or reduce the need to burnish by 75% or more and greatly decrease or eliminate dust from the burnishing .  Facilities reduce air pollution in the form of volatile organic compounds, since many of NeverStrip coatings have less than 50 grams per liter of volatile organic compounds.  Facilities often decrease the probability of slip and falls by greatly decreasing the incidence of wet slippery floors caused by wax stripper and stripping floors or because many of NeverStrip coatings have a wet coefficient of friction better than wax or the bare floor.  Read a blog about this topic at: