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NeverStrip Floor Coatings is a manufacturer of exceptional floor coatings. Its products are used in commercial, residential and industrial facilities.  These products lower floor care costs, enhance the appearance of floors and often improve traction or the floors coefficient of friction.  NeverStrip has a North American network of Authorized Contractor Dealers in over 75 cities.

Customers say NeverStrip provides exceptional floor coatings and first class service and support.

Authorized Dealers and their Certified staff offer NeverStrip based floor care solutions to residential, health care, retail, restaurants, education, airports, convention centers, corporate office and property management customers.

Dealers successfully implement regional and national rollouts of NeverStrip’s exceptional floor coating solutions for customers across the United States and Canada.

NeverStrip exceptional floor coatings provide substantial business benefits including lower ongoing maintenance costs, improved appearance and better floor protection.

Solutions are available  for resilient and non-resilient hard floor surfaces.  These surfaces  include: Cork, VCT, LVT, VAT (vinyl asbestos tile), Ceramic, Porcelain,  Terrazzo, Concrete and Natural Stones.  NeverStrip products are applied to school hallways, cafeterias, gymnasiums, locker rooms and classrooms; restrooms, lobbies and warehouse and factory floors .

NeverStrip exceptional floor coatings come in five  Categories: Micron, Thin Film, Tile and Grout, High Build and Instant Film.

Micron-Exceptional Floor Coatings for Ceramic, Porcelain, Resilient, Terrazzo, Natural Stone and Concrete Floors

The NeverStrip Micron coating category includes Vinyl Seal™, Tile Seal™, Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal™ and Liquid Grip™.  These unique and proprietary products address a broad range of flooring needs.  Vinyl Seal lowers the cost of maintaining VCT, LVT and linoleum floors.  Tile Seal enhances, protects and improves traction for tile and grout floors.  Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal offers a high polish appearance at less costs than conventional alternatives.  Liquid Grip enhances traction on all sorts of flooring, for wet environments.

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Thin Film-Exceptional Floor Coatings for Resilient Flooring

The NeverStrip Thin Film Category has exceptional urethane floor coatings.  These products include: NeverStrip Gloss™, NeverStrip Satin™, NeverStrip Matte™, NeverStrip Color™, NeverStrip High Solids Urethane™and NeverStrip Extreme Performance™.

NeverStrip Gloss, Satin, Matte and Color are exceptional floor coatings for resilient flooring within schools.  These products are two-part, water-based urethane coatings applied at 350-400 sq. feet per gallon.  Core benefits include an outstanding appearance, lower ongoing maintenance costs  and many years of use (often times 5 years or more) between re coats.  These products replace conventional floor finish or wax.  Targeted applications are hallways, class rooms, gymnasiums, cafeterias and multi-purpose rooms.  Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT), Vinyl Asbestos Tile (VAT), Luxury Vinyl  Tile (LVT), Sheet Vinyl and Linoleum are appropriate flooring.   Go to: to read Blogs concerning the use of these products in schools.

NeverStrip High Solids Urethane has best in class abrasion, stain and chemical resistance.  These exceptional floor coatings are well suited for demanding commercial, warehouse and industrial environments.  High Solids Urethane is almost always used as a topcoat with NeverStrip epoxy primers and body coats.  High Solids Urethane can be in clear or color.  The product can be further enhanced with NeverStrip Grip aggregate for even more abrasion resistance and improved coefficient of friction.  Go to:                                                for the High Solids Urethane Product Data Sheet to learn more.

Tile and Grout-Exceptional Floor Coatings for Tile and Grout Floors

NeverStrip Tile and Grout solutions allow for the Restoration of grouted ceramic and porcelain floors versus Replacement.  These solutions are used within residential, commercial and industrial restrooms, lobbies, dining halls, etc.  The Benefits are easier to maintain floors; like new appearance no matter how black the grout at a fraction of the cost for replacement and elimination or reduction of odors.  To learn more go to

High Build-Exceptional Floor Coatings for Concrete

NeverStrip High Build Category covers exceptional floor coating solutions with more than 20 mils of thickness.  These systems are used in commercial and industrial settings.  High Build systems are can be decorative and highly functional with exceptional floor coatings performance in demanding environments.  High Build  Systems include double quartz broadcast, urethane cement and metallic.  Benefits are an attractive appearance, durability and long life between re coats.

More information on the High Build Category is found at

Instant Film-Exceptional Floor Coatings with 3 Second Cure

The Instant Film Category is comprised of exceptional Thin Film coatings.  These products cure in 3 seconds with UV light.  These products have ultra high performance characteristics at only 2 mils of thinness.  The Benefits are an instant cure, extreme abrasive, stain and chemical resistance and an outstanding wet coefficient of friction.

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NeverStrip Authorized Dealers

NeverStrip Authorized Dealers are leading floor maintenance contractors in their markets. NeverStrip has Dealers in 75 distinct markets.  Dealers typically have been in business for 10+ years and have annual sales from $2 to $100 million.  NeverStrip Dealers have successfully completed NeverStrip training programs.

Starnet and FUSE Alliance

NeverStrip  is an Authorized Vendor Partner for Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring Partnership and FUSE Alliance, respectively.  These two organizations have a total of 400 North American flooring contractor Members.

Starnet,  is the world’s largest organization of full-service, independent flooring contractors.  These Members have more than 300 locations throughout North America. Starnet members have $2+ billion of annual sales.

Fuse Commercial Flooring Alliance,                                                is a member-owned professional organization of 96 professional, commercial flooring contractors in the USA and Canada.  FUSE has a unique network of flooring experts.  The collective experience spans across flooring product knowledge, installation and maintenance expertise, and a keen understanding of meeting the environmental requirements of today’s market.

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