Multiple Surfaces

Simplify the Cleaning Multiple surfaces in the same space, or in the same facility, can complicate cleaning and maintenance.
But now, with the three NeverStrip finishes – High-Gloss, Satin, and Matte, you can coat all those different surfaces with a system that creates one simple cleaning process. Tile, wood, stone, sheet vinyl, whatever the mix in your client’s situation, you give them a very attractive solution.

Note on No Maintenance:

Help your clients out here. Whether its Forbo linoleum tile, or the latest floors that are sold as “No Maintenance”, there really is no such thing – and you know that. But, your clients may not.

So when that factory applied finish starts to wear, or maybe you can catch a client before then, protect your client, by protecting their floors with the NeverStrip coatings, and you will have delivered a lasting system that is really unlikely to ever be replaced by something better.