Case Studies


Sun Interiors revived a lifeless sandstone lobby floor at a Lousiana bank branch with NeverStrip Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal.



Restoration of Armstrong bio-based tile (BBT) with NeverStrip Vinyl Seal

Restoration of BBT with Vinyl Seal

Vinyl Seal versus wax at grocery stores on VCT

Vinyl Seal vs Wax on VCT

Vinyl Seal on VCT compared to wax at a retail store

Vinyl Seal on VCT

ServiceMaster solutions for hospital resilient flooring with NeverStrip Micron Vinyl Seal

Vinyl Seal and Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal on Resilient and Natural Stone

Stone Terrazzo concrete seal was used on natural stone shower walls for easier cleaning

Terrazzo and Concrete Seal on Natural Stone

Can you come to my home and do the bathrooms?

District Superintendent

GP Flooring Solutions taught a K-12 school about restoring bathroom tile and grout.

The floors look amazing. This is exactly what I was looking for.

Facility Director

GP Flooring Solutions made an LVT floor the star of the show in a VIP dining area.

I was not expecting the floor to look brand new. This floor is amazing. When can GP Flooring come back to do the remaining 66 homes?

Facility Coordinator

GP Flooring Solutions turned old ceramic tile into a brand new floor.

Wow, now that is what we are looking for! That looks great.

Facility Staff

GP Flooring Solutions faced an uphill battle when they restored a War Memorial floor.

The University Milk Barn facility ‘wish list’ of maintaining a cleaner floor with improved wet traction for the cows, students and faculty was fully achieved.

NeverStrip Dealer

When a barn floor needed to be restored, GP Flooring Solutions took the bull by the horns.

JMI is dedicated to bringing the most advanced floor care technologies to its customers.

Mike Rusciolelli, President, Janitorial Management, Inc.

Janitorial Management, Inc. wowed attendees at an Industry Certification Program with the NeverStrip Micron Polish of Terrazzo System.

My staff is now able to keep the floor looking great every day. The floor is better than new.

Club Manager

Pinpoint Maintenance helped a Country Club when their locker room needed a change

We’re very happy with the results. It looks better than it did when it was new!


T.V.S. Floor Coatings & Restoration can restore more than floors.

The transformation was dramatic, with exception to tiles themselves that were damaged, the end result was the appearance of a new floor!

NeverStrip Dealer

National Floor Care makes a splash restoring a University pool washroom.

The customer was so satisfied with the results and ongoing ease of cleaning and maintenance that they requested that Lippert restore the rest of the linoleum flooring in their facility.

Lippert Flooring & Tile brought an aging floor back to good health.

Now, this is what I wanted all along.

Bill Q.

Facility Manager

Janitorial Management, Inc. turned a dirty facility floor into a thing of beauty.

Wow, I’m just blown away.


Janitorial Management, Inc.

Carleton University, Ottawa Canada, had National Floor Care apply NeverStrip Vinyl Seal tm to 33,000 sq. feet of newly installed luxury vinyl tile (LVT) within their residence buildings.

Carleton University

Victoria College applied NeverStrip Vinyl Seal to Tandus-Centiva LVT 40+ months ago. There has been no need to re apply a new coat!

Dr. Larry Garrett

Physical Plant Director

Victoria College

BMW has maintained these grocery store floors for years. Brain Warning, Owner of BMW) says the arrangement with the store is to “make the store look good within the price agreed upon.” BMW has historically used Signature or Castle Guard floor finish on these VCT floors.

Brain Warning


BMW Janitorial Services

“NeverStrip’s Stone, Terrazzo and Concrete Seal allowed TVS Floor Coatings and Restoration of Idaho restore our client’s marble floor below her budget.”

Shelby Tuckett


Idaho Marble Restoration


“The NeverStrip Gloss has proven to be a smart alternative to the old way of
maintaining floors.”

Lee R. Anzicek C.F.D.

Director of Maintenance & Transportation
Allen Park Public Schools

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“NeverStrip is a truly amazing product. After seeing the lasting results of this product as well as the ease of which it is used, I will continue to use this product and expand the areas I use it on. I would highly recommend NeverStrip to any institution.”

Michael C. Twardy

Director of Facilities and Operations
Haldane Central School District

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“From our perspective, NeveStrip Gloss System is a premium coating that ideally lends itself to areas where frequent maintenance is time consuming and problematic. Examples include patient room, office environments, waiting rooms, school class rooms and retail applications.”

Reese E. Moore

Director of Commercial Business – VCT and LVT
Mannington Commercial

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“The NeverStrip solution provided a low-cost approach to address a serious challenge and saved the customer a whole lot of money.”

Barry Gore

J and G Flooring

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“The floor is So Bright. It is Awesome. We figure the NeverStrip coating on our VCT saves us 51 days of work every Summer!!! We save a $1,200 or more every year. We do not need to move furniture, strip floor finish, apply wax, burnish the wax and move the furniture back. In fact, we have not done any of these tasks for 5 Summers.”

Bill Anoia

Maintenance Manager
Sunbury Bible Church and Christian Academy, Northumberland, PA

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