Training Testimonials

Floor care made easier with NeverStrip Floor Coatings

“Great innovation, very good, will be much appreciated by existing and future customers.”

Christian Coderre, Jacques Lamont
LTD, Ottawa Canada

The NeverStrip training was informative, dynamic and fun. It was worth my time to learn about all the solutions that we can offer our current and future clients. I highly recommend this training.

Desiree Osborne
Regional Sales and Operations
Century Floor Space
Detroit, Michigan

The class keeps you engaged. The hands-on training and demonstrations helped link the classroom theory with “real world” applications. Well done!

James Nishida
Corporate Care
San Francisco, California

Excellent class. Very knowledgeable about the industry. The products provide all different types of solutions.

Joey Ruffin
Director of Operations
Corporate Care
Baltimore, MD

By far the best training that I have been to on restoration and coatings! I have more confidence on presenting flooring solutions to our clients.

Tim Murphy
Business Development
Corporate Care
San Francisco, California

Found Micron products and processes to be very impressive. Opens-up many opportunities for us to solve problems for our customers. Training and hosting by Dave, David and John was awesome!

Nat Gomez
Coating Foreman
Pure Floors
Portland, OR

Great learning environment, where questions are encouraged. They demonstrated many installations with tips and tricks being shared along the way. I am leaving with a much broader knowledge than I came with.

Jesse Safstrom
Project Manager
Pure Floors
Portland, OR

Very informative training with products. Loved the hands-on learning.

Nathan Czerniak
Maintenance Division Foreman
Pure Floors
Portland, OR

The training over 2-1/2 days was exceptional and very thorough. The NeverStrip Team took the time to make sure everyone understood the products, processes and maintenance procedures to sell and maintain their products. Thank you, NeverStrip Team, for your wonderful hospitality.

Larry Riggi
Operations and Maintenance Manager
GP Flooring Solutions
Rochester, NY

Accurate knowledge is power. NeverStrip provided that regarding their products, methods and expectations of the Systems. I feel confident in using the products. More importantly, I have an invaluable resource—the people—which I can call on when I don’t know the answer.

Ernie Hempel
President, Lead Technician, Head of Sales, Accounting, HR and
Ernest Effort Floors

Good Class! Nice having the Team of NeverStrip: David, Dave and John! It’s nice seeing the Face of the Company. I lean towards companies who are transparent. Product seem like they could sell themselves with Function, User Friendly and Durability.

Nick Safstrom
Pure Floors
Portland, OR

NeverStrip is a client/customer oriented provider and designer of floor coatings. I found them to be very creative at client problem solving. They are continually updating and creating new products. They provide strong support for their installer clients.

Craig Cuzmanko
Business Development
Chicago, IL

The NeverStrip training is excellent! The products were very interesting and visually appealing. Most of all, they perform as advertised. I learned so much in the couple of days of the training. My confidence in the application and sale of NeverStrip products has increased ten- fold. I am very excited to teach and train our technicians all about these applications.

John Hough
Operations Manager
Century Floor Space
Grand Rapids, MI

My NeverStrip training was excellent! Dave and David were very knowledgeable about the NeverStrip products. I would recommend every company who wants to get involved in NeverStrip should send staff to this hands-on training.
Thank you Dave Beedie and David Klick.
Well done!!!

Brian Burke
Maintenance and Operations Supervisor
RD Weis Companies
Hartford, CT

“Great innovation, very good, will be much appreciated by existing and future customers.”

Christian Coderre, Jacques Lamont
LTD, Ottawa Canada

“This training was a good experience to learn new innovations with excellent products and many new concepts.”

Jean Coderre, Jacques Lamont
Ottawa, Canada

“This class helped me learn how NeverStrip products are truly unique and unmatched by any other material supplier.  The products have superior quality, easy to follow application process and great value to our customers.”

Lynn Fife

“The class and instructors were spot on with both technical and class instruction.  NeverStrip has revolutionary products in floor coatings.”

Ray Batton

“Great products. Easy to apply. Can’t wait to work with them. Love the water-based top coats.”

Luis Rodriguez
Cardinal Painting and Flooring

“I highly recommend this training for both technicians and sales/owners.  The structure allows for hands-on involvement in both aspects of the applications.”

Mark Minarcik
Haugland Brothers Carpet & Wood Care

“This was a great training.  A lot of hands-on in the Technical Sessions.  First Class!”

Jim Lasson
TVS, Idaho

“I own a janitorial company in Iowa and have always used wax. The NeverStrip training was very informative and I am excited to sell these systems to my current customers, as well as selling to prospective ones.”

Brian Warning
BMW Janitorial, Iowa

“I attended the NeverStrip training. It was great. I learned a lot of new and helpful things, which will help me to help my customers. These new things will help my customers increase the life of their floors and should increase my profits.”

Bennie Dixon
Upkeeper Services, North Carolina

“I attended the August training for NeverStrip Floor Coatings to learn about their new products and to be refreshed on the application techniques. I came away with a better understanding and increased knowledge on how the NeverStrip products and systems can be solutions for the customers I serve. I also came away excited to present and sell the NeverStrip systems to our customers.”

David Clark
ServiceMaster, Illinois

“NeverStrip training was very informative and very well run. It has given me the ability to provide great solutions for my customers and many new revenue streams for me. Floor care made easier is certainly possible with NeverStrip.”

Andrew Clarke
AC Floor Services, Georgia

“The NeverStrip training provided a hands-on comprehensive overview of all the product categories, as well as the value proposition both to our organization and our clients.”

Rob McGill
RD Weis Companies, New York

“After going through the class, I feel confident to go out and sell and install NeverStrip products and solutions. Thanks guys!! And the food was great!!”

Jeff Lovdal
House of Color, North Dakota

“The NeverStrip training session is extremely valuable. Two and one half days are spent working will all five categories of products on different surfaces such as concrete, stone, ceramic tile, VCT, LVT, VAT and sheet vinyl.
I participated in all installation aspects of these products. We were then tested on the material that we had discussed and had spent time working with.
I left Chicago with a much greater understanding of how I can sell these products and programs to my clients. Plus, the NeverStrip team showed me a great time in Chicago! I highly recommend this training. NeverStrip makes floor care made easier.”

Matt Surbelk
Brio Floor Care, Oklahoma

“I think the training program was really helpful. It had a lot of hands on work and a lot of information. Walking into this training, I can honestly say that I have learned way more than what I had already known. I recommend that every company that deals with hard surfaces to send their TEC to this training program. It will give them a better understanding and knowledge of the whole NeverStrip Line and ways to use them in the right and proper way. GREAT JOB!!!!”

John Henry
RD Weis, TEC

“NeverStrip conducted a professional and comprehensive training class. My eyes were opened to opportunities for our customers back in Albuquerque. NeverStrip offers customers solutions and teams up with us to be a TRUE RESOURCE for existing and potential clients. The hands on training was outstanding and the class was very engaging. I am taking this back home with a strong desire to grow this part of our business! David Klick and Dave Beedie were very hospitable and took great care of us! They are industry experts and freely passed on their knowledge to us! THANK YOU!”

Kenny Love
ServiceMaster Performance, Operations Manager

“The combination of hands on practice and classroom time gave me a high level of understanding of the products and the confidence that we can properly install them. As we worked with the product, I could envision the benefits that would be realized by utilizing them with our existing customer base and solve some of their issues we have been unable to address.”

Jim Both
Legacy Maintenance Service, Account Management/Ops./Quality Control

“I came in not understanding the product on procedure and came away totally armed with a complete arsenal of tools to sell to existing and new accounts. I now see opportunity in every building I go into.”

Ron Dyck
ServiceMaster Performance, Account Manager

“The training program was very comprehensive and presented well. I gained a great deal of product knowledge as well as application methods. The actual “hands on” portion of the program allowed me to experience the proper installation. I am impressed with the training program and would recommend it to everyone thinking of doing floor coatings.”

Lee Harrington
Robert Construction General Contractor, Inc., President

“I came knowing 10% of NS products. I learned 100% about the products. I thought there were limited options to floor solutions Now, I understand there are diversity of alternatives depending on the specific situation we can select the best for the client.
At first I thought it would be impossible to understand (5 systems, 20 products and their combinations. Now, the systems make sense and align with the products.”

Pablo A. Reyes
CFS, Inc., Operations Manager

“Great training program. A lot of great knowledge and great product.”

Ray deVally
Peerless Building Maintenance, Operations Manager

“Much better understanding of the product offering and the markets covered.”

Jay Jackson
Image Flooring Sales

“Great learning information. Cove Base Installation on Epoxy/High Builds. Very informative took a lot away to try to take to market.”

Brian Lawson
Image Flooring, Maintenance Department

“The ease of the products. The ways to use the products. Showing how to teach the customer. The products and the usage of them. Hands On. All the different options.”

Jeff Rigutto
Legacy Maintenance Services, Operations Manager

“It was a good class, Learned new stuff”

Michael Widmayer
J & G Flooring, Tennessee

“NeverStrip has one of the best training programs I have ever had the opportunity to attend. It is an amazing product that I am looking forward to working with.”

Barry Gore
J & G Flooring, Tennessee

“This is a wonderful class very much needed for our company to grow. After attending this class, I found out that I learned a lot more than I had expected. Anyone working in the floor care career should take this class. Great hands on training along with clear instructions. We can always count on them for questions moving forward. Thanks So Much!”

Janice Logan
ProClean by CraftCroswell, Mississippi

“The training class was full of information. It opened my eyes to services that can reduce cost for my customers. The hospitality of NeverStrip is fantastic. They are by your side the entire training session. You are not going to be disappointed! Knowledge is POWER!”

Matthew Wohlrabe
All American Carpet Care & Restoration, Georgia

“The training and hands on experience from the instructors have been priceless. This training will help us sell and apply coatings with better know how and confidence.”

Robert Michalec
PlatinumCare Cleaning & Restoration, Illinois

“I learned a lot about floors. I learned about NeverStrip’s coatings and how they can make floors look 10 times better. I have been working with hard and soft surfaces for 15 years and I never knew there were products like this out there. Now since I do, I will build the company I work for into a multi-million dollar company using products like this.”

Michael Sanders
Unlimited Building Maintenance, Kansas

“The training program gave me the opportunity to build confidence in the mixing and applying process for NeverStrip’s products. The durability of NeverStrip’s products are amazing.”

Milton Herrera
Linmarks Commercial Flooring, New York

“NeverStrip has a very good facility for the training. All products are available. Their products look to be top notch. The instructors were great! (Dave #1, Dave #2, & Chris) I retained a lot of information. The tacos kick ass.”

Jon O’Connor
Mat’s, Inc., Massachusetts